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Jones Brothers Trucking has been a leader in safety in the flatbed industry for many years. Now, we would like to share this with the public. We hope in doing so we make the roads a safer place for everyone and give drivers the confidence to safely perform their new career. We would also like to announce that we have been recently listed on the FMCSA Training Provider Registry.This indicates our training programs conform to the standards listed in FMCSA 49 CFR Part 380 Appendix A.  This will be federally required as of Febuary 7th 2022 for anyone who applys for a CDL after this date. This designation also allows us to offer CDL training to individuals who are seeking employment with other trucking companies and have state or outside funding. We look forward to the opportunity to share our knowledge with interested drivers or would be drivers from all experience levels and backgrounds.

Our goal is to establish a level of quality that exceeds the standards for the trucking industry. Our strategy is to reach a high level of professionalism through training and mentoring. All of our drivers are trained to our rigorous standards regardless of previous experience. This way we are able to make sure all drivers representing Jones Brothers Trucking are performing to the level expected of a professional driver. In addition, all of our dispatchers have been through this driver training program, got their CDL, and spent a year on the road driving for the company. This level of training for the dispatch department ensures all dispatchers have an intimate understanding of the industry and an appreciation for the hard work the drivers are doing.


We offer both Class A & B CDL training programs. During these training programs, students will focus on safe operation of a truck/trailer combination vehicle. (Vehicle Inspection/Driving/Backing). Length of Full Class A CDL Training is 5-6 weeks/ Class B   3-4 weeks.

All new candidates must be able to pass the D.O.T PHYSICAL, which is required for obtaining a CDL permit. We can assist in studying for the state permit testing with hands-on learning of certain devices of interest. our training center is at (6681 COMMERICAL LANE) Missoula, MT.
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To safely operate a flatbed, you must also be proficient in cargo securement and transport. Jones Brothers Trucking maintains one of the best claim-free delivery rates in the flatbed industry year after year at almost 100%!

This doesn’t happen by chance, it happens because we believe in providing you with the proper training and knowledge necessary to be safe and confident in transporting flatbed cargo. While also complying with (FMCSR 393.100 – 393.136) federal rules and regulations regarding load placement and securement.

For those of you with previous driving experience but no flatbed experience, this program will cover all the bases for load securement and weather protection of cargo. For drivers with previous flatbed experience, it is designed to complement your knowledge and to introduce you to Jones Brothers company policies, which will exceed industry standards. Thus, providing a safer working environment.
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During the course of this training, we will be focused on prevention by applying key items of concern for operating a CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) safely in wintertime conditions. When do I need tire chains? How do I put them on? Where do I place them to maximize their effectiveness? When do I park the truck due to weather? We also review accidents that could have been prevented and how the driver could’ve prevented them.
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If you have a CDL but just haven’t driven for awhile we can help get you back in the industry. This convenient program offers customized CDL training to bring current and former truck drivers “up to speed” on various aspects of the profession. This includes hands-on driving time behind the wheel of a semi tractor-trailer.

Experienced truck drivers, who have left the field and are now returning to it, may want to take advantage of this course. They may need to refresh their skills or knowledge before they apply for a job with a trucking firm or before they re-take the test to renew their CDL License.
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  • The amount of training needed is based on each individual driver’s needs (1-3 wk avg exp drivers).
  • Non-exp students will require the full training program which is 4 to 8 weeks (200 + hrs).
  • Monday through Friday 7 am to 5 pm.
  • Students are paid an hourly wage while attending the program

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Class A CDL Program
Length: 200 Hours

CLASS B CDL (Manual & Auto)
Length: 120 Hours

SPECIALIZED FLATBED (Load Placement/Securement and Tarping)
Length: 40 Hours

80 hour CDL Refresher
Length: 80 Hours

Wintertime Operations of a Commercial Motor Vehicle
Length: 24 Hours

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