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Jones Brothers have been hiring recent graduates from local CDL schools and programs since 2001. If you haven’t already enrolled or are looking for a complete Class A CDL training provider, Jones Brothers does offer a full school program. Jones Brothers have also been recently listed on the Montana Eligible Training Provider List. The full school is 5weeks of a combination of Basic CDL program and then moving into the Flatbed side of the training. All new candidates must obtain their Class A CDL Permit, D.O.T PHYSICAL will be needed prior to taking the permit test, from the state of Montana before coming to our training center in Missoula, Mt. This will help allow our trainers begin the driving portion of the training during the 1st week.


Being a driver is only part of your duties. You must also be proficient in cargo securement and transport. Jones Brothers maintain one of the best claim-free delivery rates in the flatbed industry year after year at almost 100%!  

This doesn’t happen by chance, it happens because we believe in providing you with the proper training and knowledge necessary to be safe and confident in transporting flatbed cargo. While also complying with (FMCSR 393.100 – 393.136) federal rules and regulations regarding load placement and securement.

 Unlike being a van driver who has little to no control on how their cargo is loaded or secured, as a flatbed driver this is a critical area of concern at all times.

 For those of you with no flatbed experience, this program is a smooth transition into your time with a Driver Trainer. For drivers with previous flatbed experience, it is designed to complement your knowledge and to introduce you to Jones Brothers company policies, which will exceed industry standards.


All trainees are PAID an hourly wage during the training process. The amount of training needed is based on each individual driver’s needs (1-3 wk avg exp drivers). Non-exp students will require the full training program which is 4 to 5 weeks (300 + hrs), Monday through Friday 7 am until 5 pm. For trips, we could leave as early as 3 am, so all candidates need to be able to be gone from Missoula for 14 hrs or more sometimes. The training trips will be the hands on over the road training, involving loading and tarping loads throughout western Montana and Idaho.

  • STUDENTS WILL DRIVE 80-90% OF THE TRIP, depending on the level of their skill level
  • HANDS ON LOADING (load placement) STRAPPING (load securement) TARPING (weather protect)

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